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About us

Our mission is to create a new way to own property.

Innovative. Inclusive. Accessible.

Our commitment

Faced with the housing affordability crisis that affects Quebec as much as the rest of Canada and many other parts of the world, Mohamed and I have made a decision that is close to our hearts. We are embarking on a concrete mission: to find innovative solutions to simplify the journey towards home ownership. Why take this step? Because we are convinced that owning one's home is more than financial security. It is also an investment in personal well-being, both physical and mental, which additionally strengthens the social fabric and solidarity within our neighborhoods. Mohamed and I commit to working tirelessly to ensure that becoming a homeowner is no longer an unattainable dream, but a tangible and positive reality for all. Join us in this adventure to transform our community, one roof at a time!

We want to democratize rent-to-own by doing things differently: a rent-to-own platform whose mission of access to homeownership is at the heart of every decision.
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We want our program to be applicable to as many people as possible, regardless of their background, experiences, or financial means.
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Thanks to technology, we will make our program accessible and easy to use in order to get ever closer to our goal of turning 100,000 renters into homeowners.
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Our cofounders

Véronique Gaumond-Carignan
CEO & Cofounder

"Homeownership for me is first and foremost synonymous with security. But it's especially a repository of memories of all the moments shared with my family. I wish for as many people as possible to also have this opportunity, and this is what drives me to go off the beaten path and shake up the way to access homeownership now, knowing that no matter what happens, I will always have my house to protect me"

"Real estate is much more than just an investment; it's a symbol of a life built with passion and love, where every wall tells a story and every room holds precious memories. Access to real estate is much more than a step towards ownership; it's an invitation to create a home where dreams come to life and bonds are woven to last forever"

Mohamed Diouri
CTO & Cofounder