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A solution to revive real estate development

Portal that allows owners to offer their rental-purchase properties to a previously inaccessible clientele. 

Our Rent-to-Own Program, a new way to sell your properties

Real Estate Developers

We offer you a completely new business model that lies between rental and sale. Much more advantageous than renting, our lease-purchase program gives you access to a whole new clientele. Start again now the projects that you had put on pause.

Real Estate Owners


Are you thinking of selling, but still hesitant? Rent-to-own is a great way to continue earning income for a few years leading up to a sale. In addition, you help the occupant of your property gain access to the property. Isn’t that wonderful!

The benefits of selling Your properties through rent-to-own

Selling your properties through rent-to-own, as easy as can be

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Homr manages the rental-purchase from the approval of the candidate to the latter's purchase of the property after 3 years. We take care of the marketing of our program, the approval of applicants, we offer legal documents, tools to make a financial model, a portal for you to advertise your properties and the tools for the aspiring owner to successfully complete the rent-to-own program. 

The aspiring owner who decides not to purchase the property must notify you at least three months before the end of the period to exercise the right of option. You can then put the property up for sale or rent it again on our portal. At the end of the option period, the aspiring owner must vacate the property. You must give him the credit he accumulated on the purchase price, less a 3% fee that you keep.